Female Ejaculation, Wow this caught me by surprise,

And Much to “MY” surprise it worked! Check this!

G- Spot History

Ancient cultures accepted what we’ve only recently “found”. As early as the 4th century B.C., writings have been found that speak of the distinction between a woman’s “red and white fluid”. Even American Indian folklore mentions the “mixing of male and female fluids” from a female during sex.

In the 20th century, however, Western culture moved toward the belief that women were incapable of such intense orgasm, except by clitoral manipulation. This was reinforced by Masters & Johnson whose research claimed that a woman’s clitoris was the only source of female pleasure, even though many women have found that to be far from the truth.

This misguided notion of a woman’s sexual potential persisted until 1950 when an article by a Berlin gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg discussed the G-spot area. In his original work he reported that some women had a spot on the inside of the front wall of the vagina which, when firmly stimulated produced intense orgasms and in some women ejaculation of something thicker and slicker than urine during the strongest contractions of their orgasms.

No further serious research was done until Perry and Whipple’s 1978 documentation and extensive study which confirmed the article of Dr. Grafenberg. Most sexologist now believe every woman has a G-spot but it may simply be unresponsive from lack of stimulation. It can be made to learn to be responsive, however, by proper stimulation.

Location Of G-spot

The G-spot lies directly behind the pubic bone within the front wall of the vagina. It is usually located about half way between the back of the public bone and the front of the cervix, along the course of the urethra and near the neck of the bladder, where it connects with the urethra. The size and exact location vary. Imagine a small clock inside the vagina with 12 o’clock pointed towards the navel. The majority of women will have the G-spot located between 11 and 1 o’clock a few inches inside the vagina. Unlike the clitoris, which protrudes from the surrounding tissue, it lies deep within the vaginal wall, and a firm pressure is often needed to contact the G spot in its unstimulated state. Usually it is a lima- bean sized, spongy area which responds to stimulation by hardening and swelling as blood rushes to it.

Two Types Of Orgasm

It is now known women can experience two kinds of orgasm. But they are not clitoral vs. vaginal as some have reported.

1.The most common (some times called clitoral) also involves the vagina since the clitoral stimulation also produces contractions of the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle supporting the pelvic floor which is where “vaginal” contractions are felt.

2. G-spot and Uterine. G-spot stimulation results in orgasmic contractions around the uterus, which is several inches above the pelvic floor.

Later research has shown that women who can orgasm both ways have even deeper, more powerful blended orgasm, resulting from contractions in both areas at once.

Tools To Find Your G-Spot

A man who knows where to go with his fingers. A G-spot vibrator with a curve to best reach the G-spot. Sybian machine which can provide the maximum stimulation often required to awaken the G-Spot. Or your own fingers can reach it.

Techniques For Stimulating G-Spot

Lie back with your knees pressed up to your chest. In this position, your vaginal depth will shorten and even small fingers should be able to reach the G-spot. With a partner, lie on your side with one leg drawn up to your chest as your partner enters you from the rear. He should be able to hit the spot.

Female Ejaculation

While all women have a G-spot, it has been estimated between 10% and 40% of women are capable of ejaculation. The G-spot need not be stimulated for ejaculation to occur, but most women say that their first ejaculation experience came from massaging their G-spot. The response varies from a light sprinkle to a huge gush. I have experienced women who gushed huge amounts of fluid 10 feet out.

Researches have found that although many women feel a slight need to urinate right before ejaculation, the fluid is definitely not urine. Nor does it come from the Bartholin gland which produces a milky, odorless secretion that helps lubricate the vagina when sexually aroused. Scientists believe that it comes from tiny openings on either side of the periurethral glands and is similar to man’s prostate fluid.

Male and Female Sex Organs Have Common Origin

An anatomy lesson may help understand why ejaculation is not as far fetched as it may seem. There really is not that much difference between male and female sex organs. They both develop from the same tissue. If we get certain chemicals during gestation, either male or female organs develop.

Have you ever wondered what that line was on the back side of a penis? Or, have you ever looked? If you were a female it would be the opening in the vulva. Likewise the very sensitive spot on the back of a mans penis, where the foreskin attaches, would be the clitoris if female.

Sexual development in the womb it is not always perfect. The most extreme problem is those whose gender does not match their sex organs (transsexuals). Since male and female are so similar, surgery can reassign one’s sex to match gender. Yes, it is done all the time, both male to female and less frequently female to male.

The same but much less dramatic natural event seems to occur in some women in which they develop small prostate like glands that are capable or producing ejaculation. Lab tests show the female ejac is very similar in composition to the prostate fluid within the male ejac (semen which comes from prostate mixed with sperm etc), but without the sperm in a female.

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  1. this was very well put in order that i under stand it very clear. thank you. joe.

  2. wow. more things about the female g-spot than I ever thought I would ever need to know. with this site, and this e-book i’m reading – I’ve linked to it – i’ve got it made. but what if you’re a girl who wants to get his man off? i’m looking to give the girl i’m with some pointers, hehe. Thanks!

  3. Hi Lana. This is a great post, there is so much mis information online, it is nice to see some well researched information.

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  5. I need to know from the picture or sketch the location of G-Spot

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